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Our business model is designed specifically to help civic & non-profit organizations raise funds for thier projects on an on-going basis.

How it works:

It is this simple.  Your organization sends us customers and we will rebate a very generous portion of their registration fee.  

It is a win-win for everyone.  Participants get the most awesome tour Chicago has to offer.  Your organization raises funds.  Chicago Running Tours continues to grow its business while supporting a multitude of social causes.

I like this idea.  How do I get started?

Step 1)  Have an officer of your organization contact  

Step 2)  Marlin will validate the legitimacy of the organization and the specific project the funds are being raised for.

Step 3)  Your organization will be provided a specific code for registrations.  Your code tells us who and how many participants signed up for the running tours they participated in.  ​

Step 4) Your rebate will be mailed on a pre-agreed schedule along with a report of who participated on your behalf.

Generous portions?  How much is that?

Scheduled 5k Everyday participants = $7 rebate pp (no minimum)

Feature tour participants = $15 rebate pp (no minimum)

26.2 package participants = $50 rebate pp (2 person minimum per tour)  

How much would you like to raise for your organization?  You do the math.

This sounds to good to be true.  Is there a catch?

That depends on how you look at it.  Have you ever supported a charitable cause but had no idea where your money ended up?  

Transparency is key to the success of our model.  We will only pay out rebates for specific projects to an organization.  We must know where the $'s are going.  We want to write about it and include it in our blog.

What qualifies as specific?  

There are a multitude of initiatives.  Examples include building a playground, funding a respite opportunity for a family who would like to send their special needs child to a summer camp, funding a special needs job coach, buidling a ramp for a handicapped person.  There's an endless multitude of qualifing projects.  You tell us about your initiative and we'll go to work together.  

Invite Marlin to speak at your organization about the endless fundraiser opportunity.   

Or inivite him as a keynote for your next event or meeting and he will deliver his inspirational talk:

"How Far Would You Go To Keep Your Family Together?"  a talk about raising developmentally challenged children.


"I Know I Should, But I Don't Feel Like It"  a motivational talk for runners.


phone: 630-702-9364  (Note: marlin does not answer calls while giving tours or while driving)